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Exploring Paris: 10 Postcard views of Paris

  1. Exploring Paris: Cours du commerce Saint-André , Saint-Germain des Prés
  2. Exploring Paris: 10 Postcard views of Paris
  3. Exploring Paris: The romantic terraces of Montmartre at night

WoW, wouldn’t it be great to spend those last moments of 2010 in Paris, city of light? Well, the next best thing is to enjoy the pictures of my top 10 of the finest postcard views of this amazing city!

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Now back to Paris, let’s start the countdown to the top 10 postcard views of Paris and of the reasons to love them:

Number 10: The golden fountain of Place de la Concorde (check google map location of where the picture was taken)

This picture shows what happens when the sun is hidden behind the Place de La Concorde Fountain , it’s a golden moment.

Sunset on Place de la Concorde Fountain, Paris, France (David Giral/David Giral Photography)

Number 09: A Magical fall Afternoon over Paris (google maps location)

The clouds on this photos are truly spectacular and the light of the end of the afternoon makes for amazing contrasts.

 (David Giral)

Number 08: Rush Hour on Rue Royale (google maps location)

This picture was taken from Place de la Concorde and show an interesting perspective of Rue Royale towards Place de la Madeleine. A 13 seconds exposure was enough to capture the car trails.

Rush hour on Rue Royale, Paris, France (David Giral/David Giral Photography)

Number 07: Dreamy Afternoon at the Square René Viviani (google maps location)

This one is one of the most romantic place and has seen a lot of lovers announcing their engagement their, just a few hundreds meters from Notre Dame De Paris.

Dreamy Afternoon at the Square René Viviani, Paris, France (David Giral)

Number 06: The Grand Boulevards of Paris City (google maps location)

This is an unusual view of Paris, taken with a wide angle lens from the last floor of the Printemps store. The beautiful cloudy sky makes for a really interesting shot!

 (David Giral)

Number 05: Stormy Sunset over Paris (google maps location)

Taken at the same moment as photo number 02, this is what happens when the sun sets after a storm in Paris. The mix of dark grey and the golden roofs of Paris make for a wonderful contrast!

 (David Giral)

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Number 04: A Painter’s Perfect Afternoon (google maps location)

This one is particular because of the human dimension to this photo. The lighting of this beautiful afternoon of October was both soft and dramatic, perfect for a postcard of Paris.

people sitting and painting on the Seine quays on a beautiful cloudy afternoon (David Giral/David Giral Photography)

Number 03: Traffic on La Défense Skyline (google maps location)

This is one of my most recent pictures of Paris, it was taken a clear and crisp evening of March at rush hour. My favorite details about this photo are the rays of lights and the reflections between buildings.

 (David Giral)

Number 02:  The Last breath of a Fading Sun Over Paris (google maps location)

This photo features one of the most beautiful golden sunsets. It was taken an evening of December, during a stormy afternoon from the top of Arc de Triomphe!

Amazing sunset on Paris Skyline taken from Arc de Triomphe (David Giral/David Giral Photography)

Number 01: Sunset on The Seine River (google maps location)

Some may prefer the previous one however this photo is still my favourite photo and postcard view of Paris. It shows an amazing sunset light over La Seine and beautiful purple tones throughout the picture.

Beautiful sunset on la seine, Paris, France (David Giral/David Giral Photography)

Thanks for viewing!

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Dreamy Afternoon at the Square René Viviani
David Giral
  • Wow some great photos there! Am into HDR’s as well and mainly in Paris (well that’s where I live). BTW on your photo seminar in Paris the top 5 photos can be submitted to http://photographyofparis.com and the winners can get a link back to their site – free.

    2011/04/28 at 6:17 pm

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